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Building & Structural Components

We Offer Custom Building and Structural Components

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At Rooster Fabrication and Construction, we specialize in building components, including those that are rooted in steel. We offer custom parts and components

Structural elements can include external and internal load-bearing components, including steel beams and walls. Our steel beams, trusses, rafters, joists, purlins, stanchions, and cantilevers have all been widely used by our customers throughout the years because our custom products provide the best results and dependency.

We have a strong and reliable reputation as the best steel fabricators in Texas and our reputation is the result of our dependable building components. Our custom work means that our customers continue to return for more beams, steel trusses, rafters, joists, purlins, stanchions, and cantilevers.

Our steel can also be used for framing in larger projects, including buildings, office towers, and much more. Our custom work can truly make your project much better, especially since you get our dependable steel and our professionalism.

If you’re looking for building and structural components made of steel, it’s time to reach out to Rooster Fabrication and Construction to talk to our customer service team. We’d love to help you our with our building and contractual components, making your building projects safe and reliable.

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