offshore oil rig

Offshore & Portable Welding

Our Portfolio Includes Offshore Welding Projects

welder doing work in offshore oil rig

Offshore and portable welding, including work on oil rigs in the middle of the ocean, demand professionals, who can handle tough environments. And that’s why you can trust us at Rooster Fabrication and Construction. Our portfolio includes work in the offshore industry, and we have the best team who are trained and experienced in a variety of offshore welding projects.

We are the best steel fabricators in Robstown because of our experience in offshore and portable welding. Offshore welding is often seen as one of the more dangerous welding trades, as qualifications and nerves must work hand-in-hand. The same goes for our portable welding services, as we can adapt to new environments and projects in the field as our team is specifically trained for all kinds of situations.

That’s why our team at Rooster Fabrication and Construction is considered the best offshore welding in Texas. Our professionalism along with our highly-experienced team ensure you get the best results every time.

If you have an offshore project requiring welding or need portable welding services, contact us today to see how we can bring our experienced team to you. We’d love to help out and offer our experience and care.